After struggling for some time with my swing, I thought I would give Scott a chance to go over it. A revelation, he knew immediately what the issue was and we proceeded to have some lessons. Scott’s lessons are fantastic, getting the basics right and addressing the issues I had. I have gone from 8 hcp to 5 hcp in 18 months, all with the help and guidance from Scott and his team.  
5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Having experienced the benefits of lessons from professional staff at the Haddington Golf Club I thought I’d reach out to others who may feel like it’s time to tune up their swing, discover new shot-saving techniques or indeed commence golfing for the first time.

I’m presently an 18 handicap which was not the case prior to receiving instruction and coaching from my HGC professional. It was a two part process for me: First, there were swing observations, evaluations and recommendations. I appreciated the “practical knowledge” my instructor shared at the practice range and on the golf course itself. Although I must confess being fascinated by the TrackMan launch monitor! Second, the mental coaching was (in my case) perhaps more important than tuning up the swing mechanics. Golf is supposed to be fun and my instructor emphasized keeping a positive attitude and not allowing a bad shot to spoil the next one.

That “practical knowledge” included setting up to improve upon the “what’s the worst that can happen” outcomes. In my case that meant learning how to align my body and club head to be “on target”.

Whatever your present level of golf ability I’d encourage you to seek out your HGC professional and try a lesson or two with an eye to having more fun!


Since Scott began working at Haddington I have had lessons from him each year on every aspect of my game. A different style of coaching to what I’d previously experienced but it certainly worked for me.  What I especially liked and benefited from was how he endeavoured to get me to understand what I was doing with my swing which enabled me to be a more independent player when out on the course away from tuition. Lessons are never a ‘quick fix’ as many golfers think, but I took on board the information and applied it to regular practice sessions. This, together with the personal motivation that I get from submitting regular ‘general play cards’ has allowed me to be very successful in reducing my handicap from 8 to 2. This would not have been possible without the time, effort and dedication from Scott and his team of Professionals.


I have been having lessons with Scott for almost two years now and within that time I have gone from a player who struggled to break 100 (at times, 110), to now consistently shooting in the mid/low 80s. He has helped me drop my handicap significantly, from 28 down to 12.9.  

For me, the reason I believe my lessons have been so successful is that Scott keeps it simple and never tries to overcomplicate what can be an already complicated sport. This allows me to focus on a couple of things at a time, to then put into practise out on the course. Another key for me is the variation in the lesson structure. Whether it be on the range with the Trackman getting real-time data, short game area, putting green or out on the course playing a few holes.

I would highly recommend Scott to anyone wishing to improve their golf game – be it a beginner or someone who has been playing for years.